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262                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

a theatrical way; as soon as she got a glimpse
of the Queen, she screamed out and raised her
hands, then threw herself back in a convulsion—
Lady H. acted it admirably for us—then ap-
proached, stared, and fell back again, sobbed and
struggled in hysterics, crying out, " Quelle ressem-
blance!" At last, down she bounced on her knees
at the Queen's feet, and began an apostrophe—
"Adorable ressemblance de mon incomparable
maltresse I de mon angelique amie I "

The Queen was quite petrified, and reproached
Lady Hamilton afterwards for having brought her
such a tragedy queen. When the d'Osmonds
went away, the Queen complained that she had
brought on her a terrible corvee, as she was
pestered with letters from her, all lamenting her
poverty, and begging relief, which the Queen fre-
quently gave.

The Duke of Portland and TEv£que de St.
Pol de Leon will not suffer any priests to return
to France, to any province where submission is
required. They allow of their going to Bretagne,
where none is exacted. The Pope's legate, Spina,
will soon settle all that matter.

The Duke d'Orleans asked kindly after you
yesterday. Madame de Genlis's " Mdres Rivales"
is her own and Pamela's story ^ dressed up a sa